What yarn should I choose?

The classic question from most knitters is what yarn should I choose. Well we are so glad you asked! Here is some info about yarn choices….

  1. Comfort: Pick a yarn that will help you to achieve your most comfortable sweater. Yarn’s come in all varieties from easy care to luxurious. Luxurious wools blended with fun fibers like alpaca, bison and llama are a great choice that optimize the feel of the yarn with wool for warmth.
  2. Temperature: Do you want your cardigan to help keep you warm through the fall or do you want it to be a nice layer that adds flair to your outfit. This all depends on your choice
  3. Speed: How fast do you knit? For most a classic DK–>worsted weight yarn is the perfect choice to help you achieve your goal of knitting your sweater before the onslaught of the fall chill. Need some help with your yarn you can grab a super bulky yarn, enjoy lace try some lace weight yarn. There is something for everyone.

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