How do I get points?

Points will be awarded for all sorts of things, see the list below.  How do we know you have done these things?   Well, you have to tell us, either share them on instagram, Facebook or Ravelry (in our group), using the hashtag #Fallsweaterchallenge  and the tag of the current step you are on.   Please note, BONUS points will be awarded for also using the hashtags of any of the sponsors products/designs you might be using in your garment.  Will have a complete list of these at the bottom of the page

For example, when you are ready to share a pic of your yarn choice, and it happens to be Shepard sock from Lorna’s Laces , 1. take the pic  2. share the pic via FB, Ravelry or Instagram, and make sure you caption it with  your participant number, #fallsweaterchallenge and #ipickedyarn   #Lornaslaces    From there we will be able to accumulate your points and make sure you are eligible for prizes.

It sounds a little complicated, but truly once you have shared a post, you will see how easy it really is.

The current standings will be updated once a week, right here!  (and we will keep a current list on Ravelry as well)   We are using an army of volunteers to help maintain the spreadsheet of this, so, please, if there are any problems, or if we miss anything, just drop us a note.


  • Actually doing a gauge swatch and posting a picture (5 points)(#gaugematters)
  • Blocking your swatch and posting a picture as well (10 points) (#blockingmatters)

Choosing Yarn-

  • Using sponsor yarn or yarn from participating LYS: (10 points) (#teaminsertyarncompany, #teaminsertlocalyarnshopname )
  • Using your own handspun: (7 points)
  • Using stash yarn: (5 points)
  • Post a picture of your yarn with #fallsweaterchallenge (1 point)

Choosing Pattern-

  • Use a designer pattern involved in the Fall Sweater challenge (10 points)
  • Design your own (#idesign)(7 points)
  • Use a pattern from ravelry queue (#inqueue) (5 points)
  • By pattern from local yarn shop (#LYSpattern) (5 points)

Cast on (5 points)

  • regular standard cast on usage (long tail, cable cast on, knitted cast on) (5 points) (#icaston)
  • using a fancy cast on (anything other than long tail, knitted or cable cast on)(#imsofancycaston)
  • Cast on standing on your head (#invertedcaston)(10 bonus points)
  • Post a picture of you casting on ((5 bonus points)
  • Cast on to needles of our sponsors (10 points)
  • Cast on next to a sheep, bison, llapaca, llama or other fiber related animal and take a picture (20 points)

Finishing a component of your sweater(posting pictures):

  • Yoke 10 points (circular or raglan) (#yokecheck)
  • Back of sweater (10 points) (#backdone)
  • Front of sweater (5 points) (#frontdont)
  • Sleeve (5 points) (#sleeve1, #sleeve2)

Fall Sweater Challenge Activities:

  • Participate in sponsored KAL or CAL (15 points)(#teamKAL)
  • Finish your KAL or CAL project (10 points) (#nameofKAL/CAL) (#finishedFSC)
  • Posting progress pictures of your KAL or CAL project (5 points)
  • Hosting a #knitnightinamerica and posting pictures(20 points)
  • Making #knitnightinamerica recipe and bringing it to knit night and posting pictures (10 points) (#knitnightnosh)
  • Attending knit night in America (#presentatknitnight)(5 points)
  • Posting Knit night shenanigans (10 points) (#knittogether)
  • Sharing with us your #knitnightinamerica story (5 points)


  • Seamed (10 points) (#puttogether)
  • Border added (10points) (#knittingontheedge)
  • Collar (10 points) (#collarcheck)
  • Blocking (20 points) (#blocking)
  • Crochet border (50 points) (#ihooktoo)


  • Finishing Page 1 of your pattern    10 pts  #ontothesecondpage
  • Halfway Point 15 pts   #alldownhillfromhere
  • Completion of Knitting/Crocheting 25 pts  #justgottoblock

We reserve the right to use #flashhashtags to earn fun new points #wejustwanttohavefun




5 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen (morsecode) says:

    If points aren’t going to be counted until 9/1, should we wait and start until then? Or will you be looking back that first week of counting points?


      1. Thanks for the response!


  2. Megan Maiorino says:

    I signed up using the link on the website, but I didn’t get a participant number. Are they emailed later? Thanks!


    1. We are no longer using participant numbers due to a computer error. Please just post using hashtags. The best place is in our ravelry forum.


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