What is the “Fall Sweater Challenge”? (and why should I want to participate?)

It’s pretty simple, this challenge is being put on by a group of knitwear designers, local and online yarn shops, yarn companies, and others in the handknitting/crocheting industry to hopefully encourage you to get a jump on your fall knitting, and make pretty things.  (if you are a knitwear designer/LYS/Yarn co. Etc… and are interested, please email me  eastenddesignco@yahoo.com for more info.)

Why are they doing it?  Easy, these people have a vested (see what I did there)  interest in your making things, and if they can provide incentive and motivation, we all win. If a little nudge gets you thinking of making a new sweater for this fall, then hopefully this is your nudge.

It is not a secret that everyone involved would like you to knit with their pattern, their needles, their yarns, BUT, it is truly more important that you make what you like, with the things you love, and if then we get to see what consumers want, we get to improve our offerings.  If you are by chance knitting with our products, then we get others to see how nice they can be to work with, and there is no better testimonial than someone willing to take the time, money and effort and using our products and loving the results.

SO, why should you participate?   The first reason is; everyone who completes this challenge ends up with a hand-knit, truly one of kind garment.  That in itself is a pretty compelling argument for joining, but it gets even better, these designers/yarn shops/manufacturers/dyers are putting their money where their mouth is, and going to offer up some pretty fantastic swag for participants.  And in the words of the great John Blutarsky, “It don’t cost nuthin”

How do I join?  Just click here, fill out the form, and let’s get ready to create!



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