The RULES (and the rules must be followed!)

  1.  What constitutes a “Sweater”, and is a cardigan, vest or poncho acceptable?  What defines a “Sweater” in terms of this challenge is completely up to the maker, it can be a flat sweater you wrap around yourself (shawl or wrap)  It can be a pair of tubular sweaters for your feet,  It can be for a child, adult, puppy (NO chicken or penguin sweaters please)   The whole point is to tackle a project that will make you happy.  We are just hoping to encourage,  support, and possibly inspire you to go a little outside your usual project range and try something new.   Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving, Felting…. I think all of these qualify.
  2.   Do I have do buy a particular new yarn for this?   NO, if you have yarn in your stash you have been wanting to use.. USE IT! this is not completely about selling you more yarn (but most sponsors probably wouldn’t mind if you did)   But, it is about thinking about what you are using, seeing new things that others are using, and possibly trying something you haven’t used before…   There is a whole world of possibilities out there and sometimes a little push to experiment with something different isn’t such a bad thing.   There also might be bonus prizes and special things for using certain yarns.  (See “How do I get points” for a better explanation of this.
  3.   Do I have to follow any certain pattern?  Again, NO… but we have a whole bunch of very talented designers who are going to be showcasing their best work, so, maybe you will be inspired.  🙂
  4.   How long do I have to complete my sweater?   Well, how long do you need?  We understand these can be fairly complicated and large projects, so there is no hard and fast deadline, if it takes you 2 years, we will still be here cheering you on.  BUT, We are going to be doing a “Show-off your Sweater” live at Rhinebeck as well as online, so if you can have it finished by Oct 15th, you can participate in that.   There will also be prizes for everyone who completes it by then…  just if you need a little more encouragement to get knitting/crocheting etc..
  5.  The only real rule…  Be awesome to each other, please be encouraging to all participants, the only thing that is not acceptable is rudeness.  Crafters are wonderful people, and we probably have no need saying anything here, but many people are at different levels of knowledge and skill, you may not love every design, color choice, or vendor, but since there will be a fair bit of social sharing going on here, please give everyone all the courtesy and kindness you can.   This event is sponsored by a fair number of shops, manufacturers, and designers who are all actually competitors to each other, but working together because every one of them realizes that if people love what they are making, we all win in the long run.

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  1. jenn says:

    Great rules. One question though, when can we start knitting?


    1. We are gathering our KALs! If you have your sweater you can start. Remember to post on social medial #fallsweaterchallenge


    2. you can start anytime now.. I promise the knitting police will not come knocking. Just make sure you post your progress!


  2. Christine Jones says:

    So would a cap be allowed


    1. Ms. Christine, that is just a sleeveless sweater for your head 🙂


  3. Jen says:

    How can we update on Ravelry?


    1. just post in the Fall Sweater Challenge group… will go start a points thread. 🙂


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