KAL’s and more!

The Fall Sweater Challenge is getting ready to cast on! Are you ? Starting tomorrow gauges and materials will be posted on Ravelry and in various groups through out. Here are the ones we have so far:

Lamar Ranch Cardigan: A gorgeous, top down sweater using Buffalo Wool Company’s Skies DK. This yarn is on sale now through our sponsor’s website! Buffalo Wool DK Skies

Circadian Rhythm: Because Knitting is part of our circadian rhythm, this sweater is a great first sweater choice! This top down, hooded lightly cabled cardigan is a great addition to your fall wardrobe. Using Berroco Vintage, this KAL is coming to you from our LYS shops. So head on down to your local yarn shop and get a sweaters worth of Berroco Vintage! Want to get your local yarn shop involved…. email Susie at eastenddesignco@yahoo.com

More to come soon!


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