Who Wants to Go First?!

Well, really no wants to go first!

But here I am, Lynette Meek of Le Tissier Designs; throwing my hat into the ring.  Edit – My prizes into the ring!

We promised you prizes and prizes there will be!  So let me keep the ball rolling!  There has already been a sweaters worth of  yarn won from Bay Haven Short Tails, some beautiful Bulky Finn Paca and as the weeks progress there will be more!

There have been coupon codes available for patterns and yarn; needles from Indian Lake Artisans – code sweaterfun; and bags from Erin Lane – code clue1.

Check out the Morning Walk KAL for example – coupon codes for 25% off of the pattern and another for 10% off of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Yarns.

I will be offering up Coupon Codes for my patterns as prizes, long term discounts on patterns published and new patterns not even imagined yet!  One for a 25% discount on any and all patterns for a six month period; and another for a 40% discount for the next year on any and all patterns for a twelve month period.

I really am hoping that someone will actually want to win those two!  And just in case they aren’t as exciting as some yarn, needles or bags.  I am offering up 3 more prizes; sharing with you my favourite tools and notions.

Prize 1 – Sterling Silver, Cloisonné and Pearl Stitch Markers.  Joan Hoye (she is not on line) is a local silversmith and lace knitter.  She creates the prettiest and most practical stitch markers.  They don’t catch or get caught up in the knitting and move smoothly along the needle.  I then  created a bit of froufrou to hold the markers, some felted lace and hand-dyed silk ribbon.

IMG_7514 (1024x892)

Prize 2 – The best project bag ever – medium sized for lace or socks – it has a clear front and a pocket for bits and zips along the top.  The fabric is a beautiful Sun and Moon fabric.  Fiona of Pip’n’Milly makes these bags to order and they are fabulous!

IMG_7502 (1024x711)IMG_7503 (1024x705)

Prize 3 – A sterling silver knitting notions collection, all pieces created by Joan Hoye; Twisted Silver Tapestry Needle, Twisted and Hammered Silver Cable Needle and a Kilt Style Pin, perfect for holding the Crystal Marker Collection, 15 stitch markers in varying sizes, the Pin can act as a stitch holder or even close a shawl!  I also made the froufrou roll for keeping every thing together.

IMG_7516 (879x1024)IMG_7518 (847x1024)IMG_7521 (1024x704)IMG_7522 (1024x508)

I am sure that there will be many more prizes up for winning – I just went first – well almost first!

Here’s to a Wonderful Fall Sweater Challenge!

Happy Knitting



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  1. Megan Maiorino says:

    Those are all awesome prizes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank-you! I hope that you win one! Happy Knitting!


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