Work in Progress (WIP) Wednesdays

Our lovely Fall Sweater Challenge participants are busy at work. Every time I check the Ravelry forum (WIP Ravelry Chat Group) I am absolutely amazed at the great job everyone is doing. One group we would like to highlight today is the Work In Progress (WIP) group. They have been encouraging each other to just keep knitting and finish a project that they may have just started or one that has been put in the time out pile up until now.

Let’s take a look and see what they are up to…. Ladymac111 has been working on a gorgeous lace weight sweater that she is calling the Purple Express and is her very own Belmont by Gudrun Johnston. Got to love Gudrun!!!


Our very own Becky Herricks (BeckyinVT) is making progress on her Greenery  by Helene Rush. She won’t confess how long its been in time out but look how great she is doing.



Pattianne is working on her Fisherlad Guernsey that she started on August 7th. Pattianne is also an active participant in her local guild. Thanks for all you do Pattianne.


Scrapdash is making a gorgeous Mariella Cardigan which looks like a fun knit and I love that it has no closure but has great cable detail on each side of the cardigan. Great choice.


Great job everyone! We would love to see your progress on your works in progress!!! We would also like to hear about a project you would like to finish that may be in a timeout pile… or you one you just haven’t been able to get to yet.

Happy Stitching Y’all!



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