Wayfaring Yarns – A New Friend and a Prize Sponsor

One of the best things I have seen while participating in the Fall Sweater Challenge has been the friendliness of everyone participating!

Even after the hiccoughs of the beginning points and numbers and the frustration that went along with the growing pains everyone kept their cool.  Kudo’s to all!  We seem to be making friends out of our companion knitters and designers.  I hope that you are making many new friends!

I am certainly making a few!

One of them is Selena Miskin of Wayfaring Yarns, an almost new designer, avid knitter and traveller.  We are looking forward to meeting at Rhinebeck!

Last week Selena wrote a blog posting about her free pattern, Teton Village Sweater on Ravelry for The Fall Sweater Challenge.  teton

Many of us wear two or three hats, we work, we knit, we design, we have families and time has a way of escaping our grasp!  This has been happening to me with great regularity!  I had meant to blog about Selena and her wonderful pattern last week!

I tried to just reblog her latest post on the Fall Sweater Challenge – but for some reason that wasn’t working!  So click on the link to see the wonderful pattern that she is offering for free and the pattern prizes that that she is throwing into the ring.

I have seen many beautiful finished sweaters, socks, wip’s and and many of you are working on your second projects!  I am still slogging away on my sweater and I am determined that it will be done for Rhinebeck!

I hope that I will meet many new friends when we gather at Rhinebeck!

Happy Knitting



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