Who Wants to Go First?!

Well, really no wants to go first! But here I am, Lynette Meek of Le Tissier Designs; throwing my hat into the ring.  Edit – My prizes into the ring! We promised you prizes and prizes there will be!  So let me keep the ball rolling!  There has already been a sweaters worth of  yarn won from…

Knit Along With Us..

We are set to officially start our Fall Sweater Campaign. September 1, 2016. Here is currently whats planned as far as KAL’s (knit alongs!) We soon to hopefully add a CAL (crochet along) Buffalo Wool KAL- Lamar Ranch Mystery KAL Designed by: Susie Allen Susie on FB Gauge Swatch: given  on Ravelry Lamar Ranch Mystery KAL Clue…

Tip Thursday- Getting Started

We have had some time to get our projects whether works in progress (WIPs) or new fall sweater projects in organized or thought out and started to formulate a game plan. Next week begins the Local Yarn Shop (LYS), KAL called Circadian Rhythm. The next clue in the Lamar Ranch KAL will also be released….

Manic Mondays

Mondays don’t have to feel so crazy with yarn in your life. And today… sponsor Bay Haven Short Tails is providing a give away to a special #fallsweaterchallenge member. They want to motivated #moresweaters by donating a sweaters quantity worth of the FinnPaca bulky weight yarn at 8 WPI yarn. They would like you to…

KAL’s and more!

The Fall Sweater Challenge is getting ready to cast on! Are you ? Starting tomorrow gauges and materials will be posted on Ravelry and in various groups through out. Here are the ones we have so far: Lamar Ranch Cardigan: A gorgeous, top down sweater using Buffalo Wool Company’s Skies DK. This yarn is on sale…

The RULES (and the rules must be followed!)

 What constitutes a “Sweater”, and is a cardigan, vest or poncho acceptable?  What defines a “Sweater” in terms of this challenge is completely up to the maker, it can be a flat sweater you wrap around yourself (shawl or wrap)  It can be a pair of tubular sweaters for your feet,  It can be for…

Points Board

Here is where you find your points ! If you are not on here please check our Ravelry for,!

How do I get points?

Points will be awarded for all sorts of things, see the list below. How do we know you have done these things? Well, you have to tell us, either share them on instagram, Facebook or Ravelry (in our group)

What yarn should I choose?

The classic question from most knitters is what yarn should I choose. Well we are so glad you asked! Here is some info about yarn choices…. Comfort: Pick a yarn that will help you to achieve your most comfortable sweater. Yarn’s come in all varieties from easy care to luxurious. Luxurious wools blended with fun…

Design Ideas

Designers-  Show off the best you got!  pics,  links,  content and stuff will be shown here. Please submit 2-3-15 ideas, we will try and publish as much as we can,